31 Jan-1 Feb 2019 Barcelona (Spain)


The 2019 annual workshop on Statistical Methods for Post Genomic Data (SMPGD) will take place at the Center for Genomic Reguation (CRG) in Barcelona on 31 January - 1 February 2019. Its aim is to present works from mathematical to applied statistics, but also new areas in high throughput biology that could need new statistical developments. For more information about the SMPGD conferences, see the official web site.



The programme of the conference is availble as on online calendar or in printable pdf format.



The workshop will feature 4 keynote speakers:

Marc Marti-Renom (CRG-CNAG, Barcelona)

Aleksandra Walczak (Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris)

Marloes Maathuis (ETH, Zurich)

Katharina Proksch (Ruhr University, Bochum)


Main topics in 2019:

Theme 1: Analysis of biological images (organized by Jean-Christophe Olivo-Marin)

1. Christophe Zimmer, Institut Pasteur: Super-resolution imaging and modeling approaches for dynamic 3D chromosome organization
2. Thibault Lagache, Columbia University: Spatial statistics
3. Auguste Genovesio, ENS-Ulm: Large scale to synthetic cell imaging
4. François Spitz, Institut Pasteur: Spatially resolved single-cell transcriptomics: uncovering developmental gene regulatory networks in action


Theme 2: Causal inference (organized by Vivian Viallon)

1. Joris Mooij, University of Amsterdam: Can we predict the effects of a gene knockout in a purely data-driven way? Abstract
2. Oliver Dukes, Ghent University: High-dimensional doubly robust inference for regression parameters Abstract
3. Antoine Chambaz, University Paris Descartes: Targeted Machine Learning: how we can use machine learning for causal inference Abstract


Theme 3: Genome conformation (organized by Guillaume Filion)
1. Noam Kaplan, Israel Institute of Technology: Explicit probabilistic models for exploiting and explaining the 3D genome Abstract
2. Vera Pancaldi, CRCT: From social networks to characterizing the genome in 3D Abstract
3. Enrique Vidal, Center for Genomic Regulation: Simple statistical models for complex 3D genome data Abstract



The meeting will take place in the PRBB (Parc Recerca Biomedical Barcelona), in Barcelona. It is located on the site of the olympic port and is easily accessible by metro (5 min walk from the station Ciutadella Vila Olimpica). From the airport (El Prat), you can either take a taxi (approximately 35 euros), or take the Aerobus to Placa Catalunya (5.90 euros), walk 5 min to the metro station Urquinaona and go to Port Olímpic (3rd station in the direction La Pau).

Travel information:

Important notice: While personal safety is very high in Barcelona, many visitors report being robbed during their stay. We recommend you to stay with your luggage at all times and pay attention to your belongings when you are in the city center.

There are many hotels around the venue. Guest speakers of the CRG usually stay at the H10 Marina, or at the SB Icaria. There are many cheaper options, but they will usually be further from the site. Be aware that most of the appartements available on AirBnB are illegal. To have a great time in Barcelona, we recommend asking the owner whether they have accreditation to rent to tourists, or checking this web page for more information.


If you have any doubt or question, please address them to smpgd2019@sciencesconf.org.



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